The Best Time of Year to Buy Plantation Shutters

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One of the most sought-after window treatment options today is plantation shutters. Many homeowners love these quality shutters for their beauty, function, and versatility. However, many people looking to improve their homes may want to know the best time of year to buy plantation shutters.

There is a belief floating around the country that purchasing plantation shutters should be a seasonal decision. There is no ideal time to buy plantation shutters; once installed, these shutters offer year-round benefits to your home’s atmosphere and energy efficiency.

Read on and let The Window Valet fill you in on these window coverings and their ability to beautify your home and reduce energy bills all year.

Installing Plantation Shutters in the Summer

Like most places in the US, summers in Indiana can get very hot. Energy costs rise significantly this time of year due to homes running the air conditioning steadily throughout the day. With schools closed from June to September, many households have children going in and out of the house all day, leaving doors open behind them.

Most homes have an automated thermostat system that prevents the temperature from rising beyond a specific degree on hot summer days. For those without, window treatments like plantation shutters block heat from entering your home with insulation against the windows. Plantation shutters keep the heat in your home from rising, activating your air conditioner throughout the day and raising your energy bill.

Plantation shutters block sunlight from entering your home and create a strong barrier against exterior heat. Preparing your home for a potentially costly summer season can significantly reduce energy bills and keep your air conditioner from wearing down prematurely.

Installing Plantation Shutters

Installing Plantation Shutters in the Fall

Autumn is a time of cool air, colorful leaves, and seasonal transition. While the fall makes people think of crisp, breezy days, it is also the time of year when temperatures begin to drop, and weather patterns change unpredictably.

Plantation shutters are great for the fall because they allow homeowners to let in the crisp autumn air while controlling the amount of light coming in. These quality shutters also prevent the leaves and debris the autumn wind carries from entering your home. They are easy to clean and provide insulation on nights when outdoor temperatures get colder.

The Window Valet can help you find the right shutters for your home and provide expert installation.

Installing Plantation Shutters in the Winter

During the winter months, few places in the US get as cold as Indiana. Residents kick on their heaters and rely on them for comfort through these troublesome months. However, studies show that homes lose 60 percent of their air through windows, doorways, and other uninsulated areas every hour.

In the same way, plantation shutters keep heat out of your home in the summer and are spectacular for keeping it in during the winter. For those who live in climates with harsh winter weather, insulated plantation shutters are an ideal window treatment option.

Some of the things that make plantation shutters ideal for the winter are:

  • Strong frame style
    Sturdy frames keep harsh winds and precipitation from damaging your shutters.
  • Tight fit
    The frame and shutters fit tightly to your home for maximum insulation.
  • Long-lasting
    Even under the harshest winter conditions, plantation shutters last many years.

Plantation shutters also provide extra privacy and security during the months when it stays dark the longest. All this makes a strong argument for winter is the best time of year to buy plantation shutters.

Installing Plantation Shutters in the Spring

In the Midwest, springtime can rest in temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees one day and introduce a full-blown snowstorm the next. While plantation shutters are perfect for those unexpected snow days, they are also great for keeping all the pollen in the spring air from invading your home. Like the debris traveling in the air in autumn, pollen comes off shutters quickly and easily.

When to Buy Plantation Shutters

The best time of year to buy plantation shutters is now. The Window Valet has a variety of shutters to suit the needs of any household in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Call us at (317) 999-5154 today!

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