Designer Motorized Window Treatments

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Designer Motorized Window Treatments

Effortlessly adjust window coverings with custom Motorized Window Treatments
At the touch of a button, hard-to-reach window coverings are simple to control. With automation, it is no longer necessary to climb into the bathtub, reach over furniture, step onto a stool in the kitchen, or ascend a ladder in a two story foyer to adjust your blinds or shades.
Our smart-home app allows you to have your shades on a virtual calendar an can be intergrated with Alexa, Google Home, Control 4, Siri and your smart phone.
Motorized window coverings solve the problem of trying to adjust large or heavy shades and provide ease of use for the elderly or individuals with physical limitations. The tedious task of raising and lowering a group of window coverings is now simplified with automation.

We proudly carry Somfy & A-OK Motors products. Click below on our vendors to see photos and gain inspiration. 


Our products are durable and come in different colors to match your interior’s existing colors. You’ll find a window solution that fits your interior design and lasts for many years to come.

Best Motorized Window Treatments  in Central Indiana

We offer modern motorized window treatments in Central Indiana to give you more flexibility and convenience in controlling your indoor comfort and privacy through window treatments. Motorized window coverings also help save money on energy bills by allowing you to engage blinds or curtains when direct sunlight automatically hits your windows, warming your home.

The Window Valet is proud to offer you all the window treatment products you want at affordable prices. We’ll come to your residence or business to help you find the right custom window solutions for your interior. Contact us today!

Features & Benefits

Protect your furnishings, create privacy at the touch of a button and more!

kitchen window treatments

Protect Furnishings

People too often experience the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays on floor coverings, furniture, wall coverings, and artwork. With timer controls, window coverings can be programmed to adjust automatically at specific times of the day, in different areas of the building or home, protecting interiors from the fading effects of direct sunlight.

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Create Instant Privacy

One-touch privacy helps create the ideal environment while in a conference room, a bedroom, or a bathroom.

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Reduce Energy Costs

Programming window coverings to raise or lower at certain times of the day helps to manage heat gain in summer months and heat loss during the winter, thereby reducing monthly energy bills.