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Why choose our custom shutters for your home or business?

Whether you want the finishing touch for your home’s exterior in Central Indiana or an attractive way to adjust light and maintain privacy indoors, shutters from The Window Valet add a designer-inspired elegance to your home. Our custom-designed and fitted shutters add a way to manage the light that spills into any room.

Our traditional shutters are not only trendy, but also great for adding lasting value that can increase the worth of your home. Shutters offer sun control, privacy, insulation, and security, all while being visually pleasing.

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At The Window Valet, we work with Norman Shutters to provide the most beautiful shutters for your home.

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Custom Shutters

Custom interior shutters offer multiple benefits for light control and beauty.

  • Durable and aesthetically pleasing: Our custom shutters have the authentic appearance of wood grain with easy cleaning options. These shutters are crafted not to chip, crack, or warp.
  • Color customization: We can match the color of your shutters to the walls, trim, or any color of your room.
  • Won’t fade: Shutters are covered with UV-stabilized paint to offer premium sun resistance and a fade-proof finish.

Traditional Shutters

Traditional shutters offer a timeless, elegant look. Known for their use in expansive estates, our shutters never go out of style. Their enduring appeal complements any design style, from traditional to modern.

Shutters offer temperature, light, and privacy control with their adjustable louvers. They are frequently the most popular interior window shutters, chosen for their versatility and ability to boost the appearance of your windows. Their clean lines and classic silhouette make any room look elevated.

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Arched Doorway Shutters

If you think your arched windows can’t have shutters, think again. At The Window Valet, we help you make a statement with a timeless shutter for any arched window, interior or exterior. Our arched doorway shutters allow you to highlight the beauty of your gorgeous windows while giving you the option to control light levels and maintain privacy.

One of a kind Shutters 

Your house is one of a kind, and your shutters should be, too. Our shutter specialists will come to your home to measure the windows for an accurate fit. They will recommend the perfect selection to highlight the beauty of your home and discuss options to fit any budget. You can customize every detail down to the size of the louvers.

Contact The Window Valet to set up an appointment for a FREE on-site window treatment estimate. We will bring our truck to your location.

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Features & Benefits of Custom Shutters

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Handcrafted Series


A selection of six artisan techniques that enhance the inherent character and color of the genuine hardwood. Techniques available: Glazed, Glazed & Burnished, Classic Distressed, Heirloom Distressed, Rustic and Textured.

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Genuine Hardwood


Pure seasoned hardwood lends enduring warmth, charm and natural beauty to your home.

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Truemill® Dovetail Construction


Truemill® dovetail construction is one of the oldest and strongest forms of joinery used in woodworking, valued for durability and a long lifespan

Operating Systems

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Bi-Fold Track

The Bi-Fold Track System, an option with each of our Shutter products, allows up to 6 panels to be hinged together. Panels are connected to a top track, which supports the panels and guides their folding movements.

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Bypass Track

With the Bypass Track System, an option with each of our Shutter products, shutter panels slide past each other on top tracks to open and close.

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Hinged Panels

Panels are hinged both together and to the window frame using T-posts in the center of the opening to increase design possibilities

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Front Tilt Bar

The standard operating system on shutters, our centered front tilt bars enable the louvers to be closed tightly up or down in the traditional manner.

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Our TruView™ rear tilt system is barely visible from the front. To operate, simply tilt one louver to the desired position, and the rest will follow.