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Zebra Shades in Indianapolis, IN

Zebra Shades are a modern alternative to a horizontal blind. They are high-quality roller shades with ultimate flexibility and allow you to transition between sheer and privacy. This innovative window treatment offers the light control of a blind and the softness of a fabric roller shade in your living room. You can line the fabric bands together to let more natural light enter the room or have them staggered for maximum privacy of a window covering.

Zebra Shades, or dual shades, are often called to give you the best of both worlds with characteristics of both a window shade and a window blind. They provide privacy in your home during the day and have a unique and modern appearance to dress your windows in style. You can control your light easily by merely adjusting the panels.

Our team at The Window Valet can help you choose the perfect set of shades for all of your spaces, and we customize them to fit any size and shape of windows perfectly.

Grey Zebra Shades with Small Roller Shades | window treatments in Mooresville, IN

Zebra Shades Custom-Built in Indianapolis

At The Window Valet, we build your customized Zebra shades in our offices, so we know they are a perfect fit and a durable product that we guarantee. Our expert designers will take samples of materials to your home or office so you can see and feel what your finished products will look like with no surprises. We offer you a highly experienced team member for a FREE consultation to help you decide on your options for window coverings to suit all of your needs.

Features and Benefits of Zebra Shades

Some of the features and benefits of Zebra Shades include being cordless and light filtering or room darkening.

Zebra Shades in Indianapolis, IN



Cordless Zebra Shades is a child safety feature, so they don’t get tangled in the dangling cord and injure themselves. You can choose from a clean style of cordless design that opens and closes by lifting or lowering the bottom rail or a continuous loop design.

Grey Zebra Shades with Small Roller Shades | window treatments in Mooresville, IN

Light Filtering

Light Filtering

You can simply line up the fabric bands for a light-filtering window treatment solution. It takes merely a brush of the hand to change your Zebra shades from room darkening to light filtering, so you can see outside perfectly and benefit from some natural sunlight in your spaces.

Zebra Shades in Full Privacy Setting | window treatments Shelbyville, IN

Room Darkening

Room Darkening

You can stagger the bands to have a room-darkening effect and the ultimate in privacy. Room darkening works well for media rooms to remove glare from any type of screen, and it keeps your bedroom dark and cool to allow you to sleep in later in the daytime. This is also an excellent feature for children's rooms if they nap during the day.

Zebra Shade Installation for Indianapolis and Central Indiana

The Window Valet is proud to offer custom window treatments made locally in Indianapolis, giving you a quick turnaround time for your convenience.

When your Zebra Shades are made to your customized order to fit your windows perfectly, we return to your home or business and professionally install them for you. This guarantees that they will fit perfectly and operate smoothly as they should.

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Zebra Shades FAQ

Find answers to the common questions asked about Zebra shades.

Zebra shades can transform your spaces in many ways with versatile lighting control. You can have filtered light or room-darkening privacy in just seconds with one product. Zebra shades are a combination of horizontal blinds and shades made of lovely soft fabrics in alternating colors of darker and lighter to appear much like a black and white zebra. They provide you with a modern window covering solution that exhibits clean and elegant lines to any window.

For your bedrooms or media rooms, you can choose room darkening for your fabric color with larger 4 1/8 inch room darkening color vanes and smaller 2 5/8 inch sheer fabric vanes that alternate with each other for a darkening effect and total privacy when you need it.

From inside of your home, you get light filtering or room darkening capabilities to keep hot sunlight, glare, and UV rays from entering your spaces. You can still see perfectly to the outside world through the sheer panels, although no one outside can see inside. At night, if you have lights on in your home, a person outside on the street or a neighbor can see silhouettes of people through your Zebra shades.

Zebra blinds are made of durable and firm polyester fabric in several very soft and beautiful colors. Your custom Zebra blinds allow you to choose the two alternating colors that you prefer. Light filtering sheer fabrics are available in shades of white, brown, black, gray, natural, and chocolate. The room darkening fabric is also available in the same assortment of colors, but it is thicker and you can also choose to have the cassette valance wrapped in fabric if you wish for a finished appearance.

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