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Roller Shade

The Window Valet proudly serves the Noblesville community for all your custom window treatment needs.

We carry the highest quality of all products on the market today from the best-known manufacturers for your convenience.

Noblesville, Indiana, is a diverse community with something for everyone. You can see historic and stunning architecture, a pleasant and inviting downtown area, and many famous modern attractions. The Cultural Arts District has a large variety of boutiques and antiques to explore.

Noblesville is about 26 miles northeast of Indianapolis and only a short distance of 6 miles in Fishers, Indiana.

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Roller Shades

Roller Shades

Custom roller shades are a great option for custom window treatments in Indiana that are made of fabric, with the weight determining how much light is blocked from entering your home. Lighter weight and lacey sheer fabrics will produce a light filtering shade, while thicker and more luxurious fabrics can make a room darkening shade.

Shutters White with Roller Shade Slider


Indoor plantation shutters make a stunning addition to any home. They are durable and made of real hardwood to last a lifetime. You can choose different slat sizes to match your windows. Wider slats look best on large windows, and slimmer slats look best on smaller windows.

Sheer and Shades

Zebra Shades

Zebra shades are very modern looking with alternating stripes of fabric. One of the fabrics is a light-filtering fabric, while the other is room-darkening. You can adjust the horizontal lines so you have a full shade that is either light filtering or room darkening, all in one product. This is a very popular option for Noblesville window treatments.

Bedroom wood blinds | window treatment in Indianapolis, IN


Modern window blinds give you great lighting control. A window shade only goes up and down to control lighting, heat, and UV rays, but blinds allow you to adjust the vanes while they are down to get filtered light in your spaces with window treatments in Indiana.

Motorized Window Treatments

Adding motorization to your custom window treatments gives you convenience at the tip of your fingers. Motorized window treatments save you time every day because you don't need to walk to each window in your home to open them in the morning for sunshine or to close them at night for privacy.

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