What are the pros and cons of roller window shades?

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Window treatments add a necessary level of privacy to our homes and offices. They’re also essential for creating a mood and aesthetic theme for your home.

There are many blinds, shades, and other window coverings to suit any type of window in your home. Today, we will discuss roller shades’ pros and cons. Our knowledgeable team will help you decide if they are the right window treatment to elevate your home.

What Is a Roller Shade?

A roller shade is a window treatment that hangs a flat piece of fabric over the window to provide shade and privacy. At the same time, this shade controls the amount of natural light coming into a room.

When you raise the shade, the fabric rolls onto a roller cassette at the top of the window. The cassette protects the material and keeps it out of view.

There are several pros and cons of roller shades. As a homeowner, you must decide whether these shades’ advantages outweigh their potential drawbacks before investing in them.

Roller Shades: The Pros

Roller window shades offer many benefits for many rooms and living environments. When they work correctly and fit your home’s design motif, they provide a touch of class and seamless functionality. Still, they may not be suitable for every room or window.

Some of the advantages associated with roller window shades are:

Excellent Light Filtering

Many hotels, offices, and other commercial buildings use light-filtering roller window shades. These window treatments protect against UV rays while still allowing a fair amount of light to pass through them. The Window Valet carries a wide variety of light-filtering roller shades.

Useful for Light Control

Roller shades come in different fabrics, sizes, and styles that allow you to control the amount of light you let into a room. You can simply raise and lower the shade as you please to let in more or less light. Blackout roller shades can block any light from getting past them, making them perfect for bedrooms.

If you’re serious about blocking sunlight, consider installing outside mount roller shades that extend past the window frame. Inside-mount roller shades are great for living rooms or communal areas. However, since they sit within the window frame, they will also not block light.


One winning feature of roller window shades is their versatility. They are available in many colors, fabrics, patterns, and textures. With fabrics ranging from sheer to blackout, you have complete control of your shades’ look, style, and function.

Customizable Operation

Most roller window shades lift and drop using a cord or chain. Some models have simple hanging cords similar to those used on blinds. You can also choose a more child- and pet-friendly option that hangs in a continuous loop.

For a more high-tech option, choose motorized roller shades. These models rise and fall by pushing a button on a remote control. You can even download an app that lets you control your roller shades from your smartphone or program the shade’s movements.

Roller Shades: The Cons

In some situations, roller window shades may not be the best window treatment option for you.

The main drawbacks to having roller shades are:

They Can’t Fit All Windows

While roller shades easily fit simple, rectangular windows, they won’t work for uniquely shaped windows. If you’re trying to add a window treatment to a Victorian or more elaborate window, shutters or blinds may be a more appropriate option.


Light-filtering fabrics work well for filtering UV rays, but they can’t provide total privacy–especially at night. When your lights are on, roller shades may give passersby a distorted view of your home.

Motor Issues

Motorized roller shades need regular upkeep and maintenance. If the motor breaks down, a professional must repair it before you can use your shade again. Keep the motor clean and away from moisture to ensure the best performance.

Premium Window Treatments in Indianapolis, IN

Now that you know the pros and cons of roller shades, it’s time to ask yourself if they are the best window treatment for you. If you’re not sure, The Window Valet has trained and experienced professionals and a rich selection of products. Our team can help you choose and install the perfect window treatments for your home.

Call us at (317) 999-5154 to learn more about the pros and cons of roller shades and our custom window treatments.

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