The Best Dining Room Window Treatments for Your Home

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The living room is where you unwind with family to talk and watch television. The kitchen is the heart of your home, where you prepare meals. The dining room, however, is arguably the most crucial room for impressions, especially since this is where most Indianapolis, IN, residents entertain guests and celebrate holidays, so consider top dining room window treatments. 

This room is one of the most elegant, with a formal dining table, ornate china cabinet, and more on display, so you should frame it properly. As your window treatment specialist in Indianapolis, we’ll help you determine the most appropriate window look. 


From shabby chic that utilizes soft yet elegant fabric to modern and contemporary styles that rely on a warm and comforting feel, shades are your best bet. Using fabric is a great way to add softness to areas that contain a lot of stiff lines and angles, especially if you choose Roman shades that, when pulled up, stack the material into pleats. 

If you prefer a more minimalistic look for dining room window treatments, consider roller shades that neatly tuck away. But functionality is just as important as looks. 

While shades come in all colors and patterns, customize yours to depict a landscape or picture, especially if your window is above a fireplace, dining room table, or other focal point. Make it a piece of art, or, if opaqueness is more your concern, consider a sheer alternative to filter in light or a dark one for privacy. 


While rustic abodes with a coastal, cottage, or Tuscan architectural style are mostly known for wood designs, any home can pull off classic wood blinds. Whether comprising vertical or horizontal slats, a dark mahogany or white hue, or a painted or stained finish, they’re versatile enough to match any dining room’s decor. 

They’re also versatile since you can open or pull up the slats for natural light, tilt them to filter the rays, or completely close them for privacy. You can also easily find many options that suit your budget. For instance, all-natural wooden blinds offer durability and added protection from the sun, while faux-wood blinds made of PVC are cheaper and easier to maintain. 


For more dramatic dining room windows, try curtains and drapes. Their long, flowy aesthetics are perfect for filling the space around or between windows. They also elongate short windows and widen narrow ones for a fuller, grander window appearance.

Because curtains, like most other treatments, span many styles, colors, fabrics, and patterns, you can always find something to suit your dining room design. Custom-made ones are also an option, especially if you have unique windows. 

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Josh LeClair

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