8 Reasons to Have Your Windows Measured Professionally Before Buying Blinds or Shades

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Buying blinds or shades for a new home or replacing them is an exciting process. You can choose from a large variety of products, styles, colors and even the operation method. Window treatments of all types are an investment in your home, and you want them to fit perfectly, so they look great and operate properly. The most important aspect of your search for window shading products is to take accurate measurements to ensure the fit and function.

Consequences of Inaccurate Measurements

The first thing to realize is that there are no standard size windows. Windows come in many different sizes and even in specialty shapes as well. Pre-made blinds and shades are only available in a few sizes.

Inaccurate measurements lead to many headaches for homeowners. If your window coverings of choice are too small, they will leave lighting gaps on the sides of the window or bottom and allow hot sunlight inside. This greatly reduces your light control on your windows and reduces your privacy as well. If the blinds or shades are too large, they will overlap the window frame and not give you the coverage you need, while looking haphazard at the same time.

If you choose blinds that don’t fit right because of the measurements, you will most likely need to return them to the physical store or pay shipping to return them to the online seller. This wastes your time and money, all because of inaccurate measurements.

Benefits of Professional Window Measurements

Professionals take accurate measurements within the nearest 1/8 inch to ensure that your window shading products will fit perfectly and operate properly for each window in your home.

1. You Get an Accurate Measurement

Professional window treatment companies have a distinct process for measuring your windows. They measure the window’s height at each side and the middle, take three width measurements at the top, middle, and bottom, and use the smallest of the numbers for blinds and shades that will fit perfectly. There are also two kinds of mounting to consider, with different measurements for inside and outside mount blinds. Shades and blinds as window coverings must fit in the bottom window sill.

2. Ensure Proper Functionality

Your inside mount blinds and shades must be the size to operate correctly. If they are even a bit too wide for your window, they will catch on the side of the window frame when you open or close them, which can also affect the lifting mechanism and cause it to need replacing prematurely.

3. Take into Consideration Necessary Accessories

Some window treatment products require extra accessories or a different hardware size to fit in your window casing properly. When you put shades or blinds on a glass door, you don’t want them to slap on it when you open and close it. This installation requires hold-down brackets.

4. Get Expert Advice on Style and Design

Professional window treatment companies offer you a consultation with an interior designer to give you the most options in styles, colors, and designs for window coverings.

Custom-designed window treatments allow you to add more personality and style to your home while staying within your budget.

5. Save Time and Stress

Professionals will save you the time of looking in many different stores in person and online while deciding on new window treatments. It can also be pretty stressful when you are searching through many products. Window treatment specialists take the product samples to you at your home and at your convenience to save you time and stress.

6. Get Professional Installation

Professional installation is usually included with custom window treatments. The installers make sure that the products all fit perfectly and operate correctly. You can sit back and see your designs coming to life in your windows while relaxing.

7. Enjoy a Clean and Safe Installation

Window treatment companies will remove any boxes or packaging materials in your products. They are also trained in safety measures, so there’s no need to worry about installing your window treatments and encountering accidents.

8. Receive Full Warranty Coverage

When your window treatments are professionally installed, you receive full warranty coverage, and they can adjust them to fit the window opening perfectly. When you install

your products, and something goes awry, your warranty will likely be voided, so you are not protected from parts wearing out as a result of improper installation

Professional Services by Your Local Window Treatment Specialists

Having accurate window treatment measurements is possibly the most important part of your new stylish shading products. Doing it right allows a perfect fit, proper operation, and functionality, and they also look spectacular in the process.

Professional window treatment companies give you so many benefits over the DIY approach to window shades and blinds.

We understand that it can be quite a large task when looking for new window treatments, and we are here to help you at The Window Valet. Call us today to schedule a FREE in-home consultation with one of our highly experienced designers to create something customized to your distinct personality and style in the highest quality products on the market.

Josh LeClair

Josh LeClair

A seasoned window treatment expert specializing in blinds, shades, and shutters with over 17 years of experience in custom solutions, cleaning, and repairs.

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