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When people think about window treatments, one place in their homes that seems to cause trepidation is the bathroom. At the same time, bathroom windows offer natural lighting and a view of the scenery outside your home; that luxury comes with the sacrifice of privacy. Additionally, many window treatment options consist of fabric and wood. The heavy moisture in a bathroom causes wood to deteriorate and allows mold to grow in curtains and shades.

These obstacles often prevent homeowners from improving the window treatment situation in their bathrooms. However, plantation shutters for bathroom windows eliminate all of these problems while allowing you to update the lighting and aesthetic of your washroom.

Why Should I Put Shutters in My Bathroom?

Bathroom window dressings can be hard to find since the moisture will destroy certain materials like:

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Velvet
  • Silk

Plantation shutters for bathrooms, usually made of PVC or other plastics, are impervious to moisture. Since the shutters can open or close quickly, your choice of privacy or scenery is a matter of adjusting the horizontal slats that move up or down to control the amount of light allowed to pass through the window.

Let The Window Valet take you through the world of bathroom window shutters. Our team will bring sample materials and colors to your Indiana home or business and help you find the window treatment that best suits the unique qualities of your washroom.

The Benefits of Installing Plantation Shutters in Bathroom Windows

Plantation shutters for bathroom windows create old-fashioned scenery that takes you back to simpler times. The shutters also allow small shafts of natural light to enter your bathroom even when fully closed.

Some of the other benefits of installing plantation shutters in bathroom windows are:

Privacy in the Bathroom

Privacy is the number one concern regarding comfort in your bathroom. Some bathroom windows wind up in unfortunate positions, with the tub or toilet visible outside. However, just because your window overlooks the most private areas of your bathroom does not mean you always have to keep it covered.

Not only do the horizontal slats on plantation shutters eliminate visibility into your bathroom, but the shutter frame, once correctly installed, covers the entire surface area of the window. Our Window Valet technician uses their lengthy training and expertise to guarantee zero visibility into your bathroom once they’ve completed installation.


If you’re planning on taking a hot shower after a long day at work, the last thing you want is to step out into a cold bathroom. Without proper insulation, windows release much heat within a home, even when closed.

The Window Valet offers insulated plantation shutters for bathrooms to keep the warmth in while you shower. Our insulated shutters prevent heat on hot, muggy summer days.

Easy to Clean

Because plantation shutters in bathrooms have to be resistant to moisture and humidity, they have the added benefit of being easy to clean. Unlike fabric curtains or shades that can stain, plastic or vinyl shutters require an antiseptic spray and wipe, and they’re as good as new.

Our installation technician can offer insight into the best cleaners to use based on the type of material you choose for your plantation shutters.

Customizable Options

The Window Valet proudly offers many options for customizable plantation shutters for your bathroom. Not only do we provide a wide selection of materials and colors from which to choose, but we also have a variety of shutter styles, such as:

  • Traditional shutters
    These shutters lend an air of elegance and sophistication to any scenery.
  • Arched shutters
    We can install shutters in any arched window or doorway.
  • Custom shutters
    If you have a unique window with unusual dimensions, our team at The Window Valet will work for you to find the best way to install a window treatment that looks great and functions properly.

Call The Window Valet Today!

Don’t let your bathroom windows go another day without some color and personality. Plantation shutters in bathroom windows add natural light and a soothing atmosphere.

Visit our site to learn about our plantation shutter options, and call (317) 999-5154 today to find out about shutters in Indianapolis.

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Josh LeClair

A seasoned window treatment expert specializing in blinds, shades, and shutters with over 17 years of experience in custom solutions, cleaning, and repairs.

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