Window Treatments Common Problems and Solutions

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The fastest way to transform any room with beauty and function is to accessorize the windows with window treatments. With so many choices for window coverings, choosing the right option for you is made easy by identifying the problem you need to solve.

Working with a team of window treatment professionals can help you recognize your home’s specific issues and develop a creative and appealing solution for each unique room.  The Window Valet provides solutions for any window problems with the finest Indianapolis, IN window treatments.

Problem 1: Too Much Sunshine in a Room

Direct sunlight beaming into a room can create a hot and uncomfortable environment. Rooms facing the south receive the most sunlight, making it difficult for late sleepers to get the rest they need. The best solution is to block the sun before it enters your room.

Solution: Blackout curtains

A blackout curtain is an optimal solution for rooms that experience intense direct sunlight. Blackout window shades make the perfect window treatment for bedrooms to allow for sleepy afternoon naps while keeping the room dark and at a comfortable temperature.

Problem 2: Irregular-Shaped Windows

Funky window shapes add unique character to a home, but it can be a challenge to find window treatments with the right fit in big box stores. Many homeowners often leave circular or ornate windows bare because they believe the market doesn’t offer window treatments for them. Custom window treatments with a professional installation provide the best solution for tricky window shapes.

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Solution: Custom Window Shades

Window treatment companies can create the perfect solution for your distinctive window shapes. For an abundance of custom options for Indianapolis, IN window treatments and reliable service, contact The Window Valet today!

Problem 3: Privacy Concerns

While a modern home with many windows looks beautiful, those windows don’t provide much privacy. In addition, outdoor spaces such as decks and patios can be vulnerable to curious neighbors, limiting your privacy.

Solution: Privacy Curtains with Window Blind Fabric

Depending on the specific window blind fabric you choose, window treatment experts can find a complimentary curtain that will provide your space with more privacy while adding a stylish touch to your home.

Problem 4: Extra Tall Windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows provide a grand and spacious feel to a room but can be hard to dress with the perfect window treatments. Tall windows also allow an overflow of light to enter the home, causing privacy and overheating problems.

Solution: Residential Window Blinds or Curtains

Many homeowners utilize dramatic drapery to provide privacy, but large drapes can be challenging to open and close. Motorized window shades are the most user-friendly window treatment for large or tall windows.

Problem 4: Incompatible Window Treatments

Finding a uniform window treatment to match your home’s aesthetic can be a challenge with a unique design for each room. The fabrics and patterns on your bedroom curtains might not suit your living room.

Solution: Window shutters

Shutters can provide your home with a uniform look from the outside so you can keep your individuality inside. They also provide the functional benefit of adding another layer of shade to a room that is easy to control.

Professional Residential and Commercial Window Blinds

With any home decor or home improvement project, the company you choose to work with makes all the difference. At The Window Valet, we offer comprehensive design and installation services to provide your home with beautiful and functional window shades. We specialize in residential window blinds, commercial window blinds, and everything in between to suit your individual needs.

Call The Window Valet today at (317) 999-5154 for your free estimate for the most professional Indianapolis, IN window treatments.





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Josh LeClair

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