Zebra Shades for Child Safety: Keeping Your Little Ones Safe and Secure

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Enjoy the combination of a soft fabric shade with the ultimate in lighting control that also operates as a window blind with Zebra shades. They allow you the flexibility to have room darkening or light filtering capabilities all in one product. The cordless design is safe for children, with no dangling cords to be hurt on.

Child Safety Concerns Regarding Window Treatments

Any home with small children should have numerous safety measures in place to keep your little ones safe. Modern window treatments are available with inaccessible cords in cordless and motorized options for raising, lowering and adjusting them. A cord loop or lift cord on many corded window coverings can actually pose a strangulation hazard. The Consumer Product Safety Commission approves cordless window treatments for child and pet safety purposes.

Child safe window treatments comply with window covering safety standards, including cord safety devices such as cord cleats, or are cordless blinds with cordless lift controls that are child safe. Make sure your home is a safe place for your children by getting childproof blinds and shades.

It’s advisable to move all cribs and beds to a different wall from the blinds or shades in young children’s rooms if they are corded. If your window blinds have cords, they should be anchored to the window covering safely and be wrapped around a cleat, so children can’t reach them.

Zebra Shades for Child Safety

Zebra shades are cord-free, stylish and effortless to lift, lower and adjust. You merely grasp the center of the bottom rail and lift to open them or pull down to close them to any position you prefer to adjust your lighting in your indoor spaces.

As an added feature, the cordless design allows your shades to lift with the bottom being horizontal all the time and looking proper and beautiful. Older corded versions of shades can lift higher on one side than the other, so you need to readjust them to be horizontal, not to mention the tangled mess of the window cords hanging down.

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Other Benefits of Using Zebra Shades

Enjoy the beauty and clean lines of Zebra shades along with the many benefits that they give you in lighting control, energy efficiency, privacy, security, and they are available in many different options of styles and colors as well.

Increased Privacy and Security

When your Zebra shades are closed, and the horizontal fabric vanes are adjusted to be room darkening, you get absolute and complete privacy in your home. This also adds a layer of security to your home when no prospective burglar can see your valuables inside, or if someone is home, so they will move on to another target.

Protection from UV Rays

Closing your Zebra shades will provide your home with protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. After the sun shines brightly on your home furnishings, such as flooring, furniture and artwork, it will fade and deteriorate your valuables much quicker, causing you to replace them prematurely. Blocking out the sun will make them more durable and long-lasting before needing replacing to look like new.

Improved Comfort and Convenience

In the dog days of summer in Indiana, close your Zebra shades in the hottest part of the day or when the sun shines in a particular window. This will keep your inside spaces much cooler and comfortable. It also gives you great energy efficiency as an added benefit, so you use less air conditioning to stay comfortable in the hot months.

Cost-Effective Investment

Save energy all year round with customizable Zebra shades. In the summer, closing your shades helps to keep your home cool. The opposite is true in the winter. When you open your shades on cold days and let the sunshine inside, it lets you use the sun’s warmth to make your home cozy. Saving money all year round on energy costs makes Zebra shades a cost-effective investment that is also child safe.

Cost-Effective Investment

Zebra shades include an alternating pattern of soft and supple fabrics, with one being light filtering and the other being room darkening. You can choose from many different colors and shades of colors for each of the fabrics for your custom window shades. You also have a design choice of the sizes of the fabric vanes to achieve the exact lighting control in each room of your home that you crave.


Zebra shades are child-safe products for your home or business, and they also give you many great benefits as well. With beautifully diffused light and room-darkening privacy, our Zebra Sheer Shades are the perfect choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and studies. In addition to providing elegant and clean lines to your window frame, Zebra Shades provide versatile light control and filtered light in your home with their distinctly modern look and design. Call us at The Window Valet for child safe motorized Zebra shades that are elegant and durable products for your home or business. We offer a FREE in-home or in-business consultation. We can

design a child-safe product for you that matches your decor perfectly. Call us today, so we can create something truly spectacular for you!

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