The Advantages of Motorized Zebra Shades: Convenience and Control

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Modern window treatments come with an entire list of great new features as technology evolves–with one of noteworthy mention as motorization. The combination of motorization on a Zebra shade gives you the best lighting control, energy efficiency, and convenience of any other window treatment on the market.

Zebra shades give you the beauty of a soft fabric shade with the functionality of a window blind in one product for filtered lighting, room darkening, or anywhere in between when you desire it. These are only a few benefits of Zebra shades with motorization.


Most homeowners open their window coverings in the early morning to check the weather and enjoy a bit of natural sunlight while waking up. They will then close all their window coverings for safety and privacy either when leaving the home for work or retiring for the night. Imagine doing this with the simple touch of a button or without touching them at all on a pre-programmed schedule while you sit back and relax.

Ease of use

Remote control operation

Installing motorized window treatments allows you to pre-program as many scenes as you like to open and close your automated zebra blinds at any time of the day or night on a specific schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Smartphone app control

Easily open, close, or adjust your motorized Zebra shades with the help of an app on your Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. The application is very easy to use and takes only seconds to adjust your blinds.


Sensor-based control

Advanced motorization uses sensors to further enhance the convenience of your motorized blinds. Set the program to close your blinds when a specific temperature is reached to have energy efficiency in your entire home. You can also set them to open in the winter when a set temperature is reached to let some warmth inside your home and use less heating as well.

Timer-based control

Set your programs to open and close at specific times of the day, so you’ll save valuable time from physically walking to each window to open or close the blinds when leaving home or arriving home. Many homeowners enjoy the feature to have their blinds in the bedroom open with the morning sunlight to wake them gently without irritating alarm clocks.


Have complete control over your lighting needs in every room of your home while enjoying energy efficiency, as well as modern window coverings.

Precise Light Control

  1. Adjustable opacity

    Zebra shades allow you to choose your fabrics for precise lighting control in every room of your home. You can adjust them to be room-darkening and eliminate UV rays of the sunlight or light filtering or open them entirely if you wish for some natural sunlight, which makes all of your indoor spaces appear roomier.
  2. Control over natural light

    Allow natural light in your home for tasks, such as cooking in the kitchen or reading in the living room, to enable you to see well and enjoy your hobbies.

Energy Efficiency

  1. Control over heat and light

    Controlling your heat gain and the amount of sunlight that comes into your home allows you to have energy efficiency. Allow natural sunlight to come into your home so you can use less artificial lighting in the form of lamps and recessed lighting to save electricity costs.

  2. Reduction of energy consumption

    Program your motorized Zebra blinds to close in the warmest parts of the day in the summer to enable you to use less electricity for cooling your home to a comfortable temperature. When they are open in the winter, the same is true with less need for electrical heating sources.


Custom-designed Zebra shades with automation also give you many choices in the design to match your decor seamlessly along with motorization choices as well.

Fabric options

Choose a fabric for the light filtering stripes and a separate fabric for your room darkening stripes on your Zebra shades to customize them to your exact needs and specifications.

Color options

The soft premium fabrics are available in a huge array of colors and shades to match your existing color palette.

Integration With Smart Home Systems

Compatibility with home automation

Your motorized Zebra shades are compatible with your existing home Smart hub. We program them into it for you and teach you how simple it is to use this modern window shading product to your advantage.

Integration with voice assistants

For the ultimate convenience, you can use your home voice assistant to open, close, and adjust your shades in seconds.

Maintenance and Durability

Advanced technologies in modern window treatments allow them to last for many years to come with virtually no maintenance needed. Motorized Zebra shades are also safe for pets and children with no dangling cords.

Easy Maintenance

Less prone to damage

Window blinds and shades are more prone to damage from continuously raising and lowering them. If the cord system is used, often the window covering will raise up askew and not be horizontal as it should be. This can lead to you needing to readjust them to get them straight and damage them in the future. Motorized window shades raise, lower, and adjust while remaining perfectly horizontal on the bottom hemline, so they look amazing and last for many years.

Easy cleaning

Automated Zebra blinds are very simple to clean. You merely close them and close the vertical vanes of fabric and wipe them down with a feather duster. This also enables you to reduce dust and pollen in your home to make it more hypoallergenic as well.

Longer Lifespan

Reduced wear and tear

The precise motorization lifting control reduces wear and tear on your window treatments because it operates at a specific speed that can’t be replicated by humans opening and closing window treatments which eventually leads to damage.

Increased durability

Zebra roller shades are made from the highest quality fabrics to be durable and long-lasting products for your residential or commercial spaces.


For the ultimate in modern technology, convenience, and beauty with many design options, choose the benefits of motorized Zebra blinds for your window coverings. Choose to have expert and precise lighting control, while they integrate into your Smart home system seamlessly and give you so many design options to be beautiful while energy efficient as well. If you are interested in durability and convenience in your home or business, contact us at The Window Valet for a FREE in-home or in-business consultation!

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Josh LeClair

A seasoned window treatment expert specializing in blinds, shades, and shutters with over 17 years of experience in custom solutions, cleaning, and repairs.

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