How to Measure a Window For Zebra or Roller Shades

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With all the different names of window shades, it can be quite confusing when you are searching for a specific product but aren’t quite sure of its name of it. It may be something you have seen and loved, but knowing what to call it will help you secure the same product. Read on to find out more about roller shades and Zebra shades.

What is A Roller Shade?

A roller shade is quite a simple product. It is made from fabric, and when it’s closed, the shade looks like a flat piece of material. When you open a roller shade, the fabric rolls up to the top of the window onto a protective roller cassette so the extra fabric is not seen.

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What Are the Types of Operation of Roller Shades?

You can choose the original method of operation that lifts and lowers the roller shade with a cord. They work in the same manner as a window blind with a cord. You can choose a child-friendly version with a continuous loop cord in which you pull one side to lift the shade and the other to lower it. This keeps small children and pets from being hurt by the traditional cord. There is also a cordless option in which you grasp the bottom rail of the shade and lift or lower it with your hand to whatever height you desire. Another great child-safe option is motorized roller shades that you can program to open and close at specific times or operate with simply the touch of a button.

What is A Zebra Shade?

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A Zebra shade is a roller shade with special fabric to make it more functional. Zebra shades are also called sheer, double, and vertical sheer shades. The fabric is unique because it comprises alternating horizontal strips of fabric, with one color being a sheer fabric and the other being a thicker fabric to block light.

Zebra shades are the best of both worlds as a cross between a shade that can be lifted and lowered and window blinds with adjustable vanes in them for great lighting control. The combination gives you a modern appearance with the functionality of a traditional window blind and the beauty of fabric shades. They can give your room a glow of light while still maintaining some privacy.

You can tilt the shade stripes to any angle to control the lighting in your home. There are also room-darkening Zebra shade options to allow light to be let in when the vanes are tilted open and still give you privacy. If you want total privacy, you can close the fabric vanes, which will look like a traditional shade with all the light, sun and heat blocked out of your home.

You can choose from a large variety of fabrics, including alternating translucent and light-filtering or even room-darkening stripes of materials.

You can raise a Zebra shade for a full unobstructed view out of your windows and let full sunlight enter your home to add some warmth in the colder months of the year. Otherwise, with the shade closed and the fabric vanes closed, you can block heat and sunlight out of your home in the summer, making a Zebra shade energy efficient all year long.

How To Measure for Roller and Zebra Shades?

Your windows are measured in the same manner for both roller and Zebra shades since a Zebra shade is actually a roller shade. These shades are mounted inside the window frame, so your measurements are taken there.

First, measure the width of the window. Measure from the top inside of the window frame horizontally to the top on the other side of the window frame. Then measure across the window frame horizontally at the middle and again on the very bottom of the window frame horizontally from side to side. You will choose the smallest measurement for your width.

Measure the window height in the same manner inside the window frame on the left bottom to the top, the center bottom to the top, and the right bottom to the top of the window frame. Use the smallest measurement for Zebra shades, so they don’t pool on the bottom of the frame and get wrinkled when fully down.

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