Can Roller Shades Be Cut to Size?

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Roller blinds are a window covering that is easy to maintain and operate. They can improve your property’s energy efficiency and come in various colors. At The Window Valet, we offer high-quality roller shades in Indianapolis, IN, but we understand many don’t fit precisely to size.

Many homeowners wonder, “Can roller shades be cut to size?” Read more to learn how to cut them perfectly, then give our team a call!

How to Cut Roller Blinds to Size

Working with trusted window specialists can ensure your roller shades are the appropriate size. However, if you get them home and find they’re slightly too big, don’t panic! Consider the type of roller shades you have, as this can affect the tools it takes to make them fit snugly in your windows.

Can roller shades be cut to size? Yes, it’s quick and easy to get the perfect fit after measuring how much of your shades to cut off. Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • A flat surface
  • A pencil or chalk piece
  • A tape measure
  • Sharp scissors or utility knife
  • A straight edge or ruler

Once you fix the brackets in place, you can measure the width and length that you’ll need for cutting the blinds. Use your pencil or piece of chalk to mark where to cut, then cut with scissors or a utility knife and straight edge, cleaning up any jaggedness later. Finally, you’ll install them in your windows and verify that they fit without gaps or too much material.

Perks of Cutting Your Roller Shades

Adjusting your roller shades by cutting them is a great way to make the most of your window coverings. Instead of returning your shades or settling for an improper fit, cutting roller shades to size is advantageous. Some of these benefits include:

  • Save money by not buying another set of roller blinds.
  • Quickly ensure the perfect fit in your windows.
  • Enjoy a collection of shades that are safe around pets and children.
  • Experience minimal maintenance and easy cleaning.
  • Achieve more energy-efficient, money-saving windows.
  • Open and close your shades with ease.

Whether you choose aluminum roller shades or another type, a smooth fit makes your property look more elegant and put together. Roller shades also offer shade, privacy, sunlight, and warmth whenever you want.

Roller shades are one of the most affordable window treatment options and look great in all homes, as they’re versatile enough to fit anyone’s style preferences, preferred thickness, and color choices.

Enjoy Flawless Roller Shades from The Window Valet in Indianapolis, Indiana

Along with answering “Can roller shades be cut to size?” we can also explain the pros and cons of roller shades.

At The Window Valet, we can offer in-home consultations and measurements to ensure you find the perfect for your energy-efficient window coverings and treatments.

We proudly serve the good people of Indianapolis, Indiana, and the surrounding areas, so call us today at (317) 999-5154 for an appointment.

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Josh LeClair

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